ECOMonitoring (RU / DE)

E-URAL Russian ENV Expertise Database (RU / EN)

Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation (RU / EN)

State Duma Committee on Natural Resources Use and Nature Management (RU /EN)

RosPatent –Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks (RU / EN)

National Contact Point 7. FP EU Environment:
Institute of Geography of Russian Academy of Science (RU)

Center for Russian Environmental Policy (EN / RU)

Russian Technology Transfer Network (EN / RU)

Database of dissertations (RU)

Nongovernmental Ecological V.I.Vernadsky Foundation and The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (RU / EN)

International Independent University of Environmental and Political Sciences(IIUEPS) (RU / EN)

International Sakharov Environmental University (RU / EN)

Academy of Technological Sciences of the Russian Federation (RU)

Committee for management of natural resources, environmental protection and ecological security support (RU)

Saint-Petersburg Scientific Center Russian Academy of Sciences (RU/ EN

ECOporta! - Events in Russia with relation to the environment (RU)

German-Russian Bureau of Environmental Information (DE / RU)

Green Energy

St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering, especially the Department of Renewable Sources of Energy and Hydropower

Centre of Ecologic Initiatives: an exhaustive link collection related to environment questions (RU)

Friends of the Baltic. Non-governmental non-profit youth environmental inter-regional organisation (RU / EN)

Solar Energy Center "Intersolarcenter" (RU / EN)

Alternative energetics of Altay region (RU)

Energokonsultant - Internet-portal for official documents in the fields of consumers and generators utility connection requirements, power quality, power audit, energy-saving technologies (RU)

Joint Stock Company «Scientific Research Institute of Energy Structures» (RU / EN)

Center for Electromagnetic Safety (RU /EN)

Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health (RU)

Garbage Utilisation: WebDigest (RU)

Energoecology and ecoenergetics: Information-analytical site (RU)

Internet-magazine of power service company «Ecological systems» (RU)

Russian Innovations Competition: Grants for projects (RU)

Russo-German Internet portal on energy efficiency and renewable energies (RU / DE)

Solar Energy Center INTERSOLARCENTER, Russian Regional Center for Renewable Energy Application (EN / RU)

     ▪ Some innovative enterprises:

Scientific production association Energosoyuz Ltd. - Power audit and power quality (RU)

Vetro-svet Ltd. - Wind power plants production (RU)

Sapsan – Wind power Ltd. - Wind power plants production (RU)

Windenergy Company - Development, manufacture, installation and service of the small wind turbines (RU)

SCIENMET GROUP - Wind power engineering (RU / EN)

Wind Energy Invest - Development and manufacture of vertical axle wind power turbines (RU /EN)

Joint stock company "Energy-Alliance" - Micro and small hydro-units (RU)

Water Treatment Technologies

Centre for Water Technology Ufa (RU)

ZAO Technika i Technologia – Centre for Ecological Water Technology (RU / EN)

Centre for Water Technology  (RU)

Polichem – Research and Production Company (RU)

Base Chair of Water Problems Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences at the Ecology Faculty of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RU)

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