St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering

The Faculty is one of the four generic faculties established in 1899 when the St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute was founded. Research focus is on the enhancement of the methods for mathematical simulation of electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical fields and processes in electrical machines, reliability study for power supply systems, power plants and substation equipment, renewable power sources based on wind power installations (operating state research and power quality), AC and DC technologies for energy transmission, energy market and deregulation. The staff includes over 40 Doctors of Science and over 100 Candidates of Science (PhD).
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Technical University Tomsk, Institute of Electrical Engineering
The Institute was founded in 2001 and employs 159 professors and associate professors. It disposes of the following research laboratories: Relay Protection & Automatic Machinery; Information Systems of Engineering networks; Power Supply System Simulation; Automation, Development, Testing and Checking the Equipment. Research is oriented to solving fundamental and applied problems in the field of electrical engineering, electrical power, and the development of new materials.
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Non-Governmental Ecological Vernadsky Foundation, Moscow 
Non-Governmental Ecological Vernadsky Foundation was established in 1995 on the initiative of a number of Russian fuel and energy complex enterprises, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and public organizations.  
Activities of the Foundation are multifarious, but focused on the only main objective: to build up an integral, theoretically substantiated, and above all, practice-oriented concept based on ideas of academician V.I. Vernadsky. 
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Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology
Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology is a major academic and research center in Russia. It offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, PhD degrees (Candidate of Sciences) and Doctor of Sciences in both the day and evening schools. The wide range of specialties offered by MITHT reflects world trends in science and technology. It promotes research in various fields of science, including interdisciplinary research.
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