The University of Kassel:
Institute for Water, Waste and Environment (IWAU)

The Institute has been founded in 2005 and consists of three departments: Waste Technology, Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, Hydraulic Structures and Water Ressources Engineering
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The University of Kassel:
Department of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering

The department was founded at Kassel University in 1986. It employs approximately 20 scientific employees and students and does research in all central topics, such as water resources, potable water, sanitary engineering, wastewater treatment, sludge processing and water quality.
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Chemie-Cluster Bayern
Chemie-Cluster Bayern represents the triple helix of Bavaria's chemical industry, research institutions (including seven universities and four Fraunhofer Institutes) and public authorities. Offering special know-how e.g. in the fields of intelligent surfaces, power generation, environmental protection and biotechnology, Chemie-Cluster Bayern generates crucial eco-innovation to nearly all of the relevant industry branches.
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Water Engineering Network e.V.
Association of academic institutes, companies and free consultants for the encouragment, dissemination and utilization of Hessian know-how within the water sector in developing countries.
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Blumberg Engineers
Blumberg Engineers have been successfully planning and engineering projects of water and waste water treatment for 20 years, preferring the development and use of ecological techniques (“ecotechnologies”).
Our office has extensive experiences in the successful application of waste water and water treatment systems, having completed over 350 large and small scale projects world-wide, including industrial projects across several sectors over the last 20 years.
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Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena:
Lehrstuhl für Geoinformatik, Geohydrologie und Modellierung
The department carries out applied and basic research in integrated land and water management systems, integrated data information systems and regional process modelling applying remote sensing, GIS regionalisation and modula model design. Professional expertise in these fields has been obtained from research project done in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia funded by national and international donors.
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H. Anger's Söhne Bohr- und Brunnenbauges. mbH
For more than 140 years, H. Anger’s Söhne has been one of the leading medium sized drilling and well construction companies. The company's main focus is the manufacturing of water supply wells, facilities and supply of services for well reconstruction and regeneration.
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GICON-Großmann Ingenieur Consult GmbH
The core concept of GICON is to provide complex and innovative - high qualitiy and customer-focused - single source engineering services. These services are in the fields of plant and certification engineering, energy and environment, soil an water, computer engineering and geotechnics/ infrastructure and hydraulic engineering.
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