German-Russian Week Environment

Workshop "New Environmental Technologies" May, the 15th 2009

Uwe Krengel, Institute of Solar Energy Supply Technology, University of Kassel
Dr. Gabriele Gorzka, East-West Science Center, University of Kassel
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Rolf -Dieter Wilken (presentation 1, presentation 2), Water Engineering Network, University of Mainz
Jan Kallok, Competence Network "Decentralised Energy Technologies"

Parallel Working Groups:

Section A: Water
Chair: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Rolf -Dieter Wilken

PhD Anton Sumarokov, Technosystema-ECO JSC, Moscow 
Technology and equipment for contaminated water purification and activation with plasma of electric discharge

Denis Kalachev, R&D Department, Plasma service, Moscow
Contaminated water purification and disinfection with plasma of gas discharge

Polina Prokhorova, Ecological Faculty Russian University of People's Friendship, Moscow
The utilization of plasma activated water in Biotechnology, Pharmacology and Medicine

Beate Günther, University of Mainz
Advanced Oxidation Processes for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Goldmaier, Institute of Solar Energy Supply Technology, University of Kassel
Electrical grid independent water purification

Elena Bakhmatova, Tyumen State Oil and Gas University, Surgut
Increase in efficiency of elimination of specific polluting substances in etheric manufacturing water

Oleg Rozhdestvenskiy, JSC AMIRECO, St. Petersburg
Novel biotechnologies for cleaning up oil product contaminated soils and waters

Svetlana Kulachkova, State Lomonosov-University, Moscow
The soil-ecological monitoring of underground natural gas storage objects

Svetlana Grunicheva OOO "Gazprom dobicha Astrakhan" Perspective development Astrakhan gas complex (ecological aspect)

Jennifer Lerch,  Institute for Geography, University of Mainz
Examples for water reclamation technologies on different scale

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Weiß, Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management, University of Kassel
Agriculture and Flood Management

Baira Gyninova (presentation 1, presentation 2) , Geography Department,Moscow State Lomonosov University
The influence of Selenga river delta on the purification of Selenga river water flowed into Lake Baikal

M.Sc. Francis Orata, Chemistry, Pharmacy and Geo-Science,University of Mainz
Determination of perfluorooctane sulfonate and perfluooctanoic acid in the Rhine River Germany

Liubov Skrypnik, Bio-Ecology Department,Immanuel Kant State University, Kaliningrad
Application of soil bioremediation technologies in Kaliningrad Region

D.Gusarov, V.Gusarova, L.Guryeva, V.Nekipelova
Lomonosov Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology
Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals: Water treatment, waste analysis and ideas of waste treatment

Section B: Energy
Chair: Jan Kallok

Dipl.-Ing. Janybek Orozaliev (presentation 1, presentation 2), Solar and Systems Engineering Department, University of Kassel Solar-supported heating in CIS countries

Andrey Tuev, Electrical Engineering Institute,Tomsk Polytechnic University
Supercapacitors in self-contained power supply systems

Alexey Kochetkov, Electrical Engineering Institute,Tomsk Polytechnic University
The application of renewable energy sources in the local electrical power supply systems

Christian Breyer, Institute of Solar Energy Supply Technology, University of Kassel
How cheap is Photovoltaic?

Sergey Putsko, Electrical Engineering Institute,Tomsk Polytechnic UniversityDecentralized wind-diesel hybrid power supply systems

Alexey Muravlev, Electrical Engineering Institute,Tomsk Polytechnic University
Generator energy effectiveness of wind power plants

Andrey Nemoshkalov, OOO "Gazprom transgaz Volgograd"

Leonid Skripkin, Architecture Department, Yaroslavl State Technical University
Lightweight mixtures with good heat insulation properties were became with the help of fine polymer powders

Siwanand Misara, University of Kassel Institute of Solar Energy Supply Technology
Multifunctional Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV)

Nikolay Rantsev, Vernadsky Foundation, Moscow
Optimizing sustainable development reporting preparation for Russian business


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