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The East West Science Centre as a unit of UniKasselTransfer is a facility of the University of Kassel, represented by the director Dr. Gabriele Gorzka. The legal representative of the University of Kassel is the president, Prof. Dr. Postlep.

Supervisory body: Hessen Ministry of Science and Art, Rheinstr. 23-25, 65185 Wiesbaden.

The contents have been compiled by us electronically and revised by hand. We take no liability for possible divergences of original texts. Please send your suggestions about how we can extend our information base, as well as any error you may have spotted, to the following email address: 

I. Copyright
The copyright for the websites of the East West Science Centre, as well as the rights for contents and creation, are owned by the East West Science Centre. It is permissible to use the contents of the website for educational, scientific or private purpose by indicating the source in an appropriate manner. Written approval must be given by the supervisor of the East West Science Centre for the reproduction of the layouts and the HTML source texts, even in modified form. This also applies in cases where the material is used for commercial purposes.

II. Liability / Disclaimer
As a contents supplier according to §6 paragraph 1 of the media service state treaty, the East West Science Centre is responsible for its "own contents", which it holds ready to use, according to general laws. This legal notice is relevant for all offers of information provided by the East West Science Centre in websites, which are marked "© Ost West Wissenschaftszentrum Kassel" and which are accessible via the URL: The East West Science Centre holds no liability for its completeness or suitability for certain purposes. The use of contents from the Internet pages is at the user’s risk.

III. Information regarding external links
It is important to distinguish between "own contents" and hyperlinks to other university services, as well as to other service suppliers. "Links" always concern "living" (dynamic) references. When the link was originally made, the East West Science Centre checked the external site's contents to make sure it did not infringe any laws. However, the East West Science Centre does not regularly check changes to the contents of external sites, to which most of its  information in the internet refers, and it cannot regularly control foreign contents. If it is ascertained that a service, to which it has provided a link, infringes upon a civil law or criminal responsibility, then the link to this site will be canceled.
In spite of careful content control no liability will be taken over the contents of external links. The operators of the external sites be as sole responsibility for these sites. With its judgment from 12.05.1998 "liability for links" (312 O 85/98), the District Court of Hamburg ruled that one is responsible for contents of the "linked" page or jointly responsible by attaching a link. One can prevent this from dissociating oneself clearly from these contents. In the line with this the East West Science Centre dissociates itself expressively from all contents of all linked pages on its internet pages. It neither has influence on the creation and contents of the linked pages, nor does it adopt these contents. This statement applies to all links and link collections, which currently exist or that will exist in the future.

IV. Storage of access data
As a rule, access data is stored for every request for information from the East West Science Centre's websites. The maximum content that a data set contains is:

- Calculator address (IP number) of the visitor
- the page, from which the file was requested
- the name of the file
- date and time of the request
- the amount of data transferred
- the access status (file, file not found etc.)
- a description of the web browser used.

No user profiles are created. The stored access data can be processed according to the regulations of §6 Use Order for the Data Processing and Data Communication Infrastructure of the University of Kassel from the 18th May, 1999. This access data will not be passed on to a third party.

V. Explanation of Data Protection
The data stored in the Information and Communication Platform German-Russian Science Network Environmental Research (ICP) is the information basis for the respective project. The processing of the data helps the University of Kassel and the partner institutes of the Network remain in contact with the network members and distribute information related to the project aims. Only registered users who are members of the partner institutes and the employes responsible for the ICP can see all available data. Network members can only see the data released by the project workers responsible. Only scolars working at the partner institutions, who have successfully registered in the ICP data base through the authentication by means of individual user names and password, can use the services of the log-in area. The basis for the ICP is the data provided in the online registration form. After signing the letter of agreement and receiving their password, the participants are entitled to administer or to complete their entry in the ICP "on-line". That is: they determine what to register.

The right of cancellation: The letter of agreement can be revoked at any time with immediate effect. The registered user can delete his/her personal data from the form in the ICP data base.

Security: The data base administration uses technical and organisational security measures to protect the provided data from accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or access of unjustified persons.

In cases of the acquiring and processing of personal data, the information will be transfered in coded form, in order to prevent an abuse of the data by unauthorised persons. These safeguarding measures are being continuously revised consecutively according to technological development.


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