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Climate Change Adaptation Conference 2015
Impulses for the Northern Hesse
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Nutzung der Windenergie


Waste and Biotechnology Forum Kassel
Kongress Palais Kassel – Stadthalle
28.04 - 30.04.2015
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ACHEMA 2015 with special focus on environmental protection
June 15 - 19, 2015
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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International Summer University
Seminars and lectures with a focus on environmental issues
University of Kassel, Germany
20.06 - 18.08.2014
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International Climate Protection Projects in Waste Management - Waste Management meets Climate
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REnKnow.Net - Peer Reviewed Research and Innovation
Database: Wordwide exchange of research and educational material related to renewable energies
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European Master in Environmental Science
New Study Course at the Hohenheim University
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LIFE: EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental and nature conservation projects
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Grants - Water Management
The international Master course "Transnational Ecosystem-based Water Management (TWM)" of Duisburg-Essen University and Radboud University (Netherlands) takes part  in  the DAAD-programme "Integrierte internationale Studiengänge mit Doppeldiplom". Grant applications should be handed in to Duisburg-Essen University.
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GrantsNet: International Funding Index
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